4 Tips to Find an AC Repair Contractor

Posted On: July 24, 2014

It’s the summertime and everyone enjoys the added daylight, warm weather and the outdoor activities. However, when it gets too hot outside, taking a cool and comfortable break inside an air conditioned room is always welcomed. It’s a no-brainer that air conditioner units take the biggest toll of the year during the summer months and having it breakdown is not a laughing matter.

Did you know that the summer temperatures in Utah typically are 90 degrees or more all season long? If you suffer from the unfortunate event of having your air conditioner breakdown, there are some things you should look out for when searching for an ac repair contractor.

Take these tips in consideration when looking for reputable air conditioning repair in Utah:

1. Does the company have a physical address?

Knowing if an air condition repair contractor has a physical address is very important because you will want a contractor that can stand behind their repairs and can be easily accessible for future reference. Often, many new ac repair contractors will work out of a home office, holding other obligations that will not be centered on you and your needs. Be cautious if they do not have a website that displays an address.

2. Company employees or are they subcontractors?

Sometimes you’ll run into a situation where you will call an ac repair company and the next thing you know, a subcontracted repairman is at your door from a totally different company, if not, his own company! You want to make sure that the contractor you seek out has actual employees because this will provide you with greater customer service and repair.

Knowing that the repair person is from the same ac repair contractor company will offer you peace-of-mind because each employee will have the same knowledge on their policies and procedures.

3. Are they recommended from outside sources or have company reviews?

Picking a company that has recommendations from outside sources and customer reviews add value to your decision making when finding a good ac repair contractor. Having online services like Angie’s List can really show you that other customers trust the company and you have the ability to read what people have said about them.

Shy away from contractors that have limited information or reviews about them, more than likely they could be new with no experience, or customers didn’t like their service.

4. What brands do they carry?

Even if you are only looking to get a repair completed, the brands they offer on new equipment really makes a statement on the quality of their work. Manufacturers are highly selective while choosing appropriate contractors to sell their products and if a contractor carries reputable branded units, you have a better chance of choosing a high-quality ac repair contractor.