5 Reasons to Schedule AC Maintenance

Posted On: April 13, 2018

You have probably been told over and over again that air conditioner maintenance is one of the most important things to keep up with as a homeowner. Other contractors have, we have, and probably other folks, too. But not as many feel like telling you why you need to get maintenance, do they?

Looking for some good reasons to schedule your annual tune-up this season? The team of pros at Mountain Air Conditioning & Heating are happy to clue you in!

The Most Important Reasons Why You Need Maintenance

In most ways it’s easiest to look at it from the angle of any other product. Why do you purchase any given thing? Because it provides benefits, and in this a tune-up is little different. So let’s check out the merits that make a service worth your while:

  • It boosts and maintains efficiency. Energy-efficiency isn’t just a fad. Broken down, the term loosely translates to cutting down how much energy your home and appliances consume, directly leading to lower utility bills. The day your AC was installed it was at its peak in efficiency, and that number can rapidly decay. Unless you keep up with maintenance!
  • It prevents complications and breakdowns. Most of the AC repair projects we complete in the Ogden area come as a result of the homeowner not getting AC maintenance frequently enough—if at all. And by most we mean close to 70%. A tune-up is the most cost-efficient means to keep repair costs down.
  • It will make you more comfortable. Through the winters are a bit more tyrannical around here, the summer is nothing to sneeze at. When the temperature starts breaking 90 degrees on a daily basis you want your cooling system optimized, clean, and running reliably. Maintenance is how you ensure that’s exactly what you get.
  • It will make your air conditioner last longer. Cooling systems might be pretty necessary, but they’re not cheap. That means you don’t want to replace until you actually have to, and routine maintenance makes it far more likely that you’ll actually hit that projected 10-15 years.
  • It keeps air quality in your home up. When a specialist cleans the coils in your system, changes the filters, and removes all the gunk built up on components, that removes it from the air circulation cycle in your home, too. This can help tremendously for those of us that deal with allergies and asthma every year.

Schedule AC Maintenance in Ogden, UT with Mountain Air

Starting to come around to the idea of routine air conditioner maintenance? We knew you would! It’s one of the most valuable and useful services we can provide to homeowners in Ogden, and so we work hard to offer you all of the streamlined and efficient solutions you deserve. When you’re ready to schedule a service, or if you’re just looking to find out more, contact our experts online!

For even more benefits and full tune-up coverage ask about joining the Mountain Air Conditioning & Heating family via a Maintenance Agreement Package!