5 Ways to Get Your Furnace Ready for Fall

Posted On: September 12, 2017

We’re already seeing that telltale shift in the season, when summer starts to head on out and fall takes its place. That means a few weeks of gorgeous weather here in Ogden, for which we’re quite grateful! But it also means you’ll be needing to kick your furnace into gear here soon. Is it ready to handle your heating needs? Find out how to be certain your furnace is ready by following along with the experts at Mountain Air Conditioning & Heating today!

Pre-Season Heating Objectives

Getting your furnace ready for the incoming cold isn’t very hard at all, and few of these will take you longer than just a handful of minutes. But that minute bit of effort makes all the difference. Before winter settles in this year be sure to:

  • Schedule your pre-season maintenance service. Before you worry overmuch about what all needs to be done, go ahead and schedule a professional heating system tune-up service. This once a year service optimizes your system to maximize efficiency and comfort, and can even help you save a bundle on energy costs and repairs down the line.
  • Replace your air filter. Replacing an air filter is wise right before you kick the furnace on this year. The old filter has either been serving the AC system and is by now quite gunky, or has been sitting idle and collecting dust for months. Either way, you’ll want a new one in place!
  • Consider a filter upgrade. And while you’re on the subject, consider upgrading your air filters from the standard fiberglass filter to a pleated polyester filter. These filters only cost a slight bit more and offer higher winter home air quality and boosts to home efficiency. Plus they tend to last a good bit longer as well.
  • Clean and dust the HVAC system. Check air returns, all vent grates, and the exterior of the furnace itself. Ridding these of dust and grime not only prevents a common fire hazard but will also ensure none of that mess ends up in the mechanisms of the furnace itself.
  • Find out about programmable thermostats. Programmable and or wi-fi enabled thermostats offer unique smart home advantages to Ogden homeowners. These thermostats can run sophisticated and streamlined routines to learn your preferences and optimize HVAC performance. They’re a great low-cost upgrade for added home comfort and efficiency, and they last for years.

Heating & Furnace System Service in Ogden, UT

Do you need to set a date for your Utah heating tune-up, or are you looking for the right team to get the job done? Mountain Air Conditioning & Heating can provide the superior, reliable service you need! Contact us today or reach out to us over the phone to discuss the advantages of a maintenance visit for your home, or to set a date for your appointment!