5 Ways to Stay Energy Efficient

Posted On: June 16, 2016

If you’re like most Ogden homeowners, you notice your energy bills climb as the temperature heats up outside. Fortunately, you’re not powerless against high utility bills. With some simple tips, you can learn to make your home more energy efficient all summer long.

Program Temperature Setbacks

If you don’t already have a programmable thermostat, invest in one as soon as possible. Then, start using the programmable options to increase energy efficiency.

If you program the thermostat to automatically raise the temperature to 86 degrees while you’re at work during the day, you avoid cooling a vacant house, a strategy that can help save 5 to 10 percent on your cooling bills. At the same time, you don’t sacrifice comfort because the thermostat automatically resumes a comfortable temperature before you return home.

Run Ceiling Fans

Air circulation is your best friend in the sweltering summer heat. The wind chill effect created by a fan’s breeze makes you feel 4 degrees cooler. In this way, a 78-degree room actually feels like a comfortable 74 degrees without the need to set the air conditioner to that low of a temperature. Remember, the wind chill effect cools people, not rooms, so turn off the ceiling fan when you leave to maximize energy efficiency.

Consider Upgrading Outdated Appliances

The refrigerator and air conditioner in particular become energy hogs as they age. Compare the cost to operate newer equipment and decide if it’s wise to upgrade now instead of waiting for a total breakdown.

Turn Off Lights and Gadgets When Not in Use

There’s no need to waste energy lighting an empty room or leaving a computer monitor on when no one’s looking at it. Get in the habit of shutting off the lights, TV, computer and various other electronics when you’re not using them. Remember to unplug cell phone and laptop chargers as well.

To make this easy, plug all the electronics in your entertainment system or computer station into a power strip. Then, when you leave to pursue a different activity, flip the switch and shut everything off all at once.

Replace the HVAC Air Filter

Forced-air heating and cooling is the most common type of HVAC system. To prevent dust from settling on the equipment, and to help promote cleaner indoor air, HVAC systems are fitted with an air filter. Change this once a month, especially during high-use seasons, to keep airflow moving as it should. This conserves energy by preventing undue strain on your cooling equpment.

Schedule Air Conditioning Services in Ogden, UT

If you feel as though your air conditioner isn’t running at peak energy efficiency, it may need some professional attention. To schedule air conditioning services for your Ogden home, please contact Mountain Air Conditioning & Heating today!