Why is My AC Blowing Warm Air?

Posted On: March 11, 2015

In Ogden, Utah, dry desert summers are the norm. Thankfully, most homes are equipped with central air conditioning. But what if your AC starts blowing warm air? It’s a sign you need to take immediate action to avoid needlessly enduring several sweltering summer days. Here’s a look at the most likely reasons your AC is blowing warm air and how to combat it.

The Thermostat Settings are Incorrect

It may seem obvious, but before you get too worried about your air conditioner, double check the thermostat settings. Make sure it’s calling for cool air, not heat. Then, check whether the target temperature is lower than the current temperature in the room. Set the fan to “auto” instead of “on” to save energy.

The Outdoor Unit is Not Receiving Power

Approach the large metal box in your yard (the condensing unit) and make sure it’s plugged in. If it is, double check the breaker box and reset any tripped breakers.

The Compressor is Overheating

If this happens, the cooling portion of your AC will turn itself off. To troubleshoot the problem, go back outside and examine the condensing unit’s fins. Hose down the unit to remove any airflow-blocking obstructions and straighten bent fins with a fin comb. Keep vegetation trimmed back at least 18 inches from the unit.

A Dirty Air Filter is Restricting Airflow

The filter traps airborne debris usually located near the indoor air handler. Make this a once a month habit.

The Refrigerant is Undercharged

Correct refrigerant charge is necessary for efficient operation and nice, cold airflow. Improper charge at installation or a leak could result in an undercharged system, which could cause the evaporator coil to freeze over and blow warm air into your home. This problem requires professional repair.

If after performing these troubleshooting tips you still come up empty handed, it’s time to have a professional from Mountain Air Conditioning & Heating come take a look. We can fix any problem causing your AC to blow warm air, including recharging the refrigerant, fixing broken compressors, replacing low and high pressure switches, or fixing faulty electrical connections.

For assistance in your Ogden-area home, call Mountain Air today at (801) 416-2215(801) 416-2215 or contact us online. We provide cooling repair services to restore your air conditioner to its former functionality.