Benefits of Maintenance Agreement Packages

Posted On: May 9, 2016

Do you still need to schedule preventative maintenance for your air conditioner or heater this year? You could arrange a visit this one time, or you could lock in benefits for years to come with a maintenance agreement package from Mountain Air Conditioning & Heating. Learn the benefits of regular maintenance through an agreement package to see if it’s the best option for you.

Increased Efficiency for Lower Energy Bills

As with taking your car in for regular maintenance, HVAC tune-ups help your system run more efficiently. This results in lower energy consumption and smaller utility bills. Some inspections that help increase system efficiency include lubricating moving parts, cleaning air conditioning coils, and checking furnace burners. By increasing system efficiency, the cost of an HVAC maintenance agreement can pay for itself.

Improved Comfort

Better efficiency also helps keep your home more comfortable on the hottest summer days or the coldest winter nights. With improved comfort, you don’t waste time dwelling on the heating and air conditioning system.

Ability to Catch Problems Early

Small problems can become costly repairs if they aren’t addressed quickly. For example, technicians inspect the blower belt to make sure it’s not fraying or coming loose. If the belt snaps, it can cause serious damage to other blower components, and a preemptive belt replacement can avert such expensive repairs. Various other inspections such as checking the condensate drain, adjusting the burners and checking system controls help keep problems from ever arising in your heating and cooling system.

Peace of Mind

Without HVAC expertise, you might not know whether a strange sound or abnormal performance is something to worry about. Having a maintenance agreement makes service calls more affordable, thus preventing you from ignoring small issues so a professional can check them out and make necessary repairs or adjustments. This grants you the peace of mind you need to stop worrying about the safety of your HVAC equipment.

Extended System Life

Taking proper care of your heating and cooling equipment helps it last longer. A neglected system is forced to work harder in less favorable conditions, which puts extra wear on the system and leads to early failure. Checks such as tightening electrical connections, cleaning the blower motor and changing the filter help to lift the burden from your equipment so it doesn’t have to work as hard.

Better Indoor Air Quality

When all HVAC system parts are restored to their “factory fresh” condition, any dust, mold or other debris blowing around the system is done away with. This leaves your air fresher and cleaner than before.

Package Savings and Priority Service

All of the above benefits are available even if you schedule maintenance just one time. However, select benefits are reserved for those who sign up for our agreement package. These include 15% off all repair services, no overtime charges on repairs, and front-of-the-line priority service when you have an emergency.

Convenient Renewal

Yearly renewal of your agreement is easy. We’ll mail you a renewable form, which you can either mail back to us or use as a reminder to hop online and renew there.


If you ever move, you can transfer the agreement plan to your new home (as long as you remain in our service area).

At the end of the day, an HVAC maintenance agreement saves you money, makes your home feel more comfortable and provides the peace of mind you need to live your life without worrying about your home comfort system. Sign up for a maintenance agreement package with Mountain Air Conditioning & Heating and start benefiting today!