DIY Furnace Inspection

Posted On: October 10, 2014

Colder weather is approaching, so you’ll want to make sure your furnace is ready for use in the next few weeks. October is the ideal time to complete a do-it-yourself furnace inspection. If you find problems with your furnace now, you will have enough time to make needed repairs before harsher winter months.

For furnace inspections and tune-ups in the Ogden, Utah area, call Mountain Air today at (801) 416-2215(801) 416-2215.

Inspect Your Furnace

First take a look at your furnace. Make sure that there isn’t any black soot or combustion residue on or around the furnace. Then turn your thermostat up so that your furnace turns on; you’ll want to inspect the flames in the burner. The flames should be steady and blue, not flickering and yellow. If the burner flame is yellow, contact a professional to repair your furnace.

Inspect your heat exchanger. The heat exchanger separates the flame and the exhaust gasses from the air in your house. It prevents carbon monoxide from entering into the air you breathe, so it is very important to make sure it is working properly. Make sure there are no visible cracks in the exchanger. If there are, give us a call at (801) 416-2215(801) 416-2215 for immediate furnace repair service.

Before starting the rest of your DIY furnace inspection, make sure to turn off the electrical switch that controls the power supply to your furnace. Then, follow these steps to make sure your furnace is ready for work this winter.

Clean and replace all air filters. It is easiest to begin your furnace inspection with replacing dirty air filters. A dirty air filter is an unnecessary burden on your furnace. It can reduce its efficiency and its overall lifespan. If you have a reusable air filter, you can just rinse it off. Make sure it is free of dust and put the air filter back in its place. If you have a disposable air filter with a cardboard frame, you should throw the old one out and replace it with a new one. It is important to remember to use the same size air filter each time you change it.

Lubricate Bearings. Most furnaces have two motor bearings and two blower shaft bearings that require annual maintenance and lubrication. Remove the oil caps and thoroughly clean round them. Apply two to three drops of lightweight machine oil and replace the oil caps.

Furnace Inspection Service in Ogden, Utah

As a homeowner, it is important to perform simple furnace inspections and maintenance. There are other inspections that need to be done, but should be completed by a professional. Furnace inspections may seem like a hassle but staying up to date on maintenance will keep you from having to make costly repairs in the future. For a thorough furnace inspection, call Mountain Air today to schedule an appointment at (801) 416-2215(801) 416-2215.