Early Furnace Tune-Ups: Keep Your Money from Going up the Flue

Posted On: August 14, 2012

Your air conditioning system has been keeping your house cool all summer long, leaving your furnace sitting dormant for multiple months. This inactive furnace is due for a tune up before the snow begins to fall and you switch out your summer clothes for your winter ones, but don’t wait around for that to happen before you call us.

During idle months your furnace is susceptible to developing potential problems that can cause disasters down the road. Dirt build up and the formation of cracks in your furnace are a few of these potential problems. If undetected, dirt build up and cracks can cause your furnace to go out leaving you without heat. No one wants that to happen in their home or office during the dead of winter!

When servicing your furnace for an early tune up, not only are you eliminating these potential problems, but you are also making sure your furnace is running at peak efficiency. What does that mean for you? Not only will you have a more efficient furnace, but added efficiency will mean lower bills (and who doesn’t want that!).

So what are you waiting for? Call us today to schedule your early furnace tune up and beat the rush. With winter in the not so distant future you will be glad you did not wait around with the procrastinators. For more information, please schedule a “no obligation” in-home appointment with one of our Comfort Consultants.