Air Conditioner Not Cooling Your Home?

Posted On: July 11, 2012

Take it easy on your air conditioner, it is doing the best it can!

If your house is hotter than you’d like and you’re wondering if there’s something wrong with your air conditioner, don’t worry. Chances are, there’s not. So why is your thermostat showing that it’s set at 72 degrees when the inside temperature is actually 78 degrees? Something most people don’t realize is that air conditioners are not designed to handle extreme heat. They are designed to keep the temperature in your home 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. That means that if the temperature outside is 98 degrees, your poor air conditioner is doing good to keep your home at 78 degrees.

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Air Conditioner Maintenance

So if your air conditioner is pumping its little heart out, how can you get more out of it and help keep your home cooler? There are several things you can do that are related directly to the unit. First replace or clean your air filter. A dirty filter will make your air conditioner work harder and thus be less efficient. Air conditioner tune-ups will help as well. A tune-up will ensure that your outdoor unit is cleaned, your filter, blower motor, and other moving parts are cleaned, lubricated and working properly. The air conditioner professional will also check your refrigerant to make sure it is at a proper level. Once you’re sure your air conditioner is running at peak efficiency, you can look for other ways to keep your home cool.

Tips For Keeping Your Home Cool

Close the drapes or blinds during the day to keep the sun out. Solar gain can raise the temperature in your house by several degrees. Try shutting off the air to any rooms that are not used on a daily basis-spare bedrooms, offices, dining rooms, exercise rooms, etc. This essentially gives your air conditioner a smaller house to cool. Check out our previous blog postfor more ways to keep your house cool and help your air conditioner keep up with the demands placed on it.

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