Energy-Efficient Heating Options

Posted On: December 11, 2015

The largest expense of your home is heating and can account for almost 30% of your annual energy use, according to the Department of Energy. You can reduce your heating costs by installing one of the many energy-efficient furnaces that are produced today and decrease your heating costs, considerably.


The most common method of heating homes in Ogden, Utah is gas. There are many energy-efficient heating system options and the trained personnel at Mountain Air Conditioning and Heating sell and service, gas fired, energy efficient heating systems.

Energy-Efficient Heating Systems

ENERGY STAR ® qualified products that meet the strict energy efficiency requirements set by the government are designed to operate more effectively than older units do. Since ratings for gas furnaces differentiate between units made for warmer climates, having a trained partner at Mountain Air can insure that the unit installed in your home meets the guidelines set by ENERGY STAR so that you get the most from your new furnace.

Gas Energy-Efficient Furnaces

One of the simplest and carefree ways to heat your home is the energy-efficient gas fired heater that use gas to warm a heat exchanger and a fan to distribute the warm air throughout your home. Electronic ignition systems insure efficient firing of the burners. New furnaces have heat exchangers that are constructed from stainless steel for longer life spans. The only other important part to this very efficient heating system is the thermostat for controlling the temperature of your home.

Older heating systems with faulty heat exchangers, and open flamed pilot lights can be inefficient, as well as dangerous if the heat exchanger rusts through and allows carbon monoxide into your home.

A technician from Mountain Air can look at your system to determine if it is working properly. Getting an annual tune-up on your furnace, even if it is a newer model, can keep your furnace operating efficiently.

Efficient Heating Options Can Save You Money

Whether you are looking to install an energy-efficient heating system in your new home, replace your current system, or just have a furnace tune-up, a trained technician from Mountain Air will gladly assess your heating system and give you high-efficiency heating options for your Ogden home.