How to Fix Uneven Cooling In Your Odgen Home

Posted On: August 4, 2017

Dealing with hot spots all over your home, or is your first floor far more comfortable than your second? A solution might not be as hard to attain as you may at first think. Follow along with the NATE-certified cooling team at Mountain Air Conditioning & Heating to find out what you can do to solve uneven cooling!

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The Easy Solutions to Uneven Cooling

Your first (and slightly bleak) thought might be that it’s time for a complete air conditioner replacement. And you might be right. But before we go doing anything rash let’s look over some of the most common causes for uneven cooling and see if we can’t help you come up with something simpler:

  • Check your vents. It may seem like such a small thing, but actually misuse or blocking of vents is the leading cause of uneven cooling. Check to see if any of your vents are blocked, and make absolutely certain that none of them are closed. A lot of folks close them trying to save some money, but what doing this actually causes is uneven cooling because your unit relies upon a very specific air pressure range. When this is fiddled with it drops efficiency considerably and creates floating hot spots.
  • Take a look at your air filter. The problem might be as simple as a dirty air filter. Check your air filter monthly, and be sure to replace it any time it’s gunked up and dirty. Doing this will also go a long way in improving HVAC efficiency and home air quality, so it’s a great way to optimize your comfort!
  • Inspect your ductwork (or get a pro to do it). Start by inspecting the air return vents for cakes of dust and fluff, and use a vacuum to address any issues. The ducts themselves should also be checked for air leaks, but if you’re uncomfortable with this we would recommend hiring a pro for an inspection.
  • How’s your insulation? Home insulation, especially in the attic, is responsible for keeping cool air in and hot air out. If you have too little, or your insulation is getting a bit on the old and weary side, then you can be met with huge swathes of hot and humid air traveling down into your home from the attic.

A More Complete Solution with Ductless Cooling

Nothing seeming to do the trick? That’s okay! There’s another great solution with ductless cooling. The problem could very well be that your current system simply can’t quite meet your needs. In this situation we often recommend ductless cooling because it offers zoning capability, which can provide you with the opportunity to cool each zone of your home independently. This means you can simply bump up the thermostat in warmer rooms and cut it back a bit in the ones that are sufficiently cool.

This not only offers you a lot more comfort and precision control, but also a great way to lower energy costs and reduce consumption. Plus a ductless heat pump system can keep your home nice and toasty come the Utah winter!

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