Forget Freezing Indoors: Prepare Your Furnace for the Utah Winter

Posted On: September 6, 2013

Where would you be in the winter without a furnace?

We’ll tell you exactly where you’d be: under a mound of covers clothed in 2 layers of sweatpants and sweaters. Although there’s nothing better than finding warmth in your bed from the cold, it’s impractical to stay in bed all day during the winter.

Before the first day of winter hits, you need to fix that strange sound that was coming from it last winter. Finding high quality furnace repair in Utah is easy enough; however, you can save time and gain insight by performing a diagnosis yourself before the professionals arrive.

3 Easy Furnace Checks to Make Before Calling a Furnace Repair Company
If you have the time to do this, definitely take the initiative. Especially if your furnace performed poorly last winter. However, if you don’t have the time, simply call your preferred furnace repair professionals in Utah to perform the necessary tasks.

Check 1: Go to your thermostat and turn the heat on. Set the temperature above the temperature in the room. If and when the furnace kicks on, put your hand over a vent to see if warm air is being produced. If so, proceed to Check 2.1. If not, proceed to Check 2.2

Check 2.1: So your furnace is working. That good. What you want to do next is replace the filter. Even if the filter is clean, it good to put a fresh one in. However, you can also have your HVAC professional do this (see Check 3).

Check 2.2: If your furnace isn’t turning on, check the power switches and circuits. There a chance that the power switch to your furnace was flipped to off during the summer. If this is the case, simply flip it on. If your furnace still isn’t turning on, check that the circuit breaker isn’t tripped. If it is, reset it and check your furnace again.

Check 3: It highly recommended that all Utah homeowners have professional furnace maintenance done every year. Not only will this make your furnace last longer, but it will also prevent your furnace from experiencing problems during the Utah chill. With lows well under 0° Fahrenheit during the middle months of the Utah winter, it wise to set up regular annual maintenance so you always have the best chance of having a constant source of warm air.

What if My Furnace is Irreparable?
First, don’t come to this conclusion yourself. Call your local furnace repair company to make a calculated decision. If your furnace is repairable, it often cheaper to fix it, depending on how old it is and what wrong with it.
If the HVAC professional you call says that it wiser to buy a new furnace, ask for their professional opinion. HVAC companies that know what they’re doing will recommend an energy efficient furnace that saves you thousands of dollars in energy costs in the long run.

So if your furnace has reached the last of its days, don’t fret. This may be a blessing in disguise. New technology has made energy costs lower and home heating more affordable.

Stay warm this winter and don’t forget to check your furnace and schedule regular maintenance.