Infographic: The Future of Air Conditioning

Posted On: September 18, 2013

New rules. New equipment.

We have posted about the new HVAC efficiency rebate changes for Utah homeowners and we recommend that you take advantage of these savings while you still can! Over the last few years, the Environmental Protection Agency has started phasing out the use of the ozone diminishing gas, R22. If you installed an air conditioner prior to 2004, there is a good chance your air conditioner uses R22 refrigerant. Starting in 2020, which isn’t as far away as some may think, R22 will stop being produced altogether.

What Does This Mean For My Air Conditioner?

Over half of the central air conditioners in the US still use R22 refrigerant. In 2020, since R22 will no longer be produced, it will become more expensive to refresh these units. Which is why we recommend taking advantage of the AC rebates and investing in a new, energy-efficient unit. If your unit was installed prior to 2004, you will most likely need a new unit soon anyhow.

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