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R22 Prohibition: Here’s What to Know

Everything residents need to know about the R22 manufacturing ban.

For years, R22 served as a silent hero for those running from red-hot temperatures and seeking icy refuge. Now, though, it turns out this “hero” plays better as a villain.

A chemically-concocted refrigerant, R22’s been providing the chill from air conditioning units for almost a century. But in doing so, it’s also been harming the environment. Known as an ODS (ozone-depleting substance), the refrigerant has begun a spiral downwards as green energy and environmentally-friendly equipment trend up.

R22’s still in the game, but not for long. Its production has ceased, meaning that pretty soon home and business owners will have hefty decisions to make. And with a summer that promises to rewrite temperature record books, why wait?

Sky-high temperatures are certain to give people two things: uncomfortable tan lines and a craving for AC. If your unit uses R22, consider replacing it with a new, energy-efficient unit. Proactive shopping right now can save you bundles down the road and give you the heat-resistant igloo you need for June, July, and August.

Can’t replace? At the very least – schedule a tune-up from a specialist. This person can safely measure your R22 levels and confirm your unit is leak-free and that everything is working as it should be.

Mountain Air Conditioning and Heating is here to help residents navigate the transition. Contact us online today or call (801) 416-2215 to start preparing yourself for one sweltering hot summer!

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