Routine Furnace Maintenance Saves Money

Posted On: October 8, 2015

Cold weather is fast approaching our area, and homeowners in Ogden are gearing up for the season. There’s plenty that needs to be done in order to make sure everyone weathers the winter; stocking up on firewood, blankets, and emergency supplies, in case of power outages, making sure the backup generator is ready for action, and winterizing automobiles.

As you prepare for the bitter cold temperatures and almost-certain snow days that are expected, make sure your furnace is in good working order. Even on the typical Utah winter’s day, you want to ensure the comfort of your home and your family. Why spend hours, or even days, shivering under blankets, trying to stay warm, in the event your furnace fails to do its job?

Stay Ahead of Furnace Failure

Waiting for someone to service your home heating system can be frustrating, and the repairs can be costly. Avoid the blow to your budget and the frustration of a cold home by scheduling a furnace tune-up for your home heating system. Routine furnace maintenance can find small issues with your home heating system before they turn into larger and more costly events.

Mountain Air Conditioning & Heating are the Ogden area experts when it comes to routine furnace inspections. With the keen professional eye of our experience NATE-certified HVAC technicians, our service personnel can spot a problem and make the necessary repairs before you experience a home heating crisis. By scheduling routine maintenance on your home heating system, you’ll save money and have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your furnace is operating efficiently and reliably-ready to face the bitter cold.

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Benefits of Furnace Maintenance

Routine furnace maintenance from Mountain Air Conditioning & Heating begins with a thorough inspection of all of your system components. Our prepaid maintenance plan provides preventative care, such as replacing filters, tightening any loose components, lubricating moving parts, replacing belts, and inspecting your thermostat to make sure there are no blockages which impair airflow and efficiency.

Your prepaid furnace maintenance plan means any repairs you may need to keep your furnace in good working order, and keep your home and family comfortable will be performed there and then by our professional certified technician. Of course, before we make any repairs to your home heating system, we’ll advise you of the cost. As part of your membership in our prepaid maintenance plan, you’ll receive a discount on any parts and service not covered by the plan.

VIP Customer Care

Additionally, your prepaid service plan gives you priority status, meaning you’ll never have to wait interminably for service. Should you move, you can even transfer your maintenance plan to your new address, as long as it’s within our service area.

Routine maintenance on your home heating-and cooling-system ensure efficiency, which translates into energy savings for you. Just as regular maintenance is required to keep your car operating at its best, yearly furnace maintenance adds years of efficient home heating to your system. Fewer repairs, energy saving operation, and longer life mean more money in your pocket.

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The benefits of a Mountain Air Conditioning & Heating prepaid maintenance plan are plentiful but the greatest benefit is your own peace of mind. For more information on how you can take advantage of this money-saving plan, or for any heating, cooling needs, contact the Ogden area’s number one choice, Mountain Air Conditioning & Heating. Let us keep you warm this winter!