How to Save Money This Fall and Winter by Reducing Energy Consumption

Posted On: October 2, 2013

According to the latest Fall 2013 weather forecast by The Weather Channel, this fall will be warmer in the West and colder in the East. While this is good for the wallets of Westerners, it may also discourage homeowners out West from checking their heating system before the onset of winter.

After being inactive over the course of the spring, summer, and early fall months, your heating system requires standard maintenance and testing. Either you can do this or a heating professional can.

Unless you’ve taken apart and maintained a heater before, it’s wise to hire a heating professional to do it for you. With their years of experience, they know how to take it apart, clean it and reassemble it.

In addition to hiring an HVAC professional, there are other things you can do to save money and stay warm this winter.

Buy an Updated Thermostat

Traditional thermostats that use a dial are unqualified complements to your home comfort system. Unlike the heating system you have, dial thermostats are antiquated and offer little opportunity for more energy savings. With a digital thermostat, you can set your comfort system to operate at lower levels when you’re at work or away.

While it’s tempting to completely shut your heater off, it’s not a wise choice. In the long run, you don’t end up saving money, only wasting more. If you shut your heater off completely during the cold winter months, pipes could freeze (and burst!) and various possessions inside could become compromised. Such a dramatic shift in temperature is not good for anything – especially things that typically stay inside.

You can also ask your HVAC professional about the best thermostat for your home when he visit for seasonal maintenance.

Don’t Forget The Blankets!

An easy way to save money after you buy a digital thermostat with time control settings is to schedule lower in-home temperatures at night.

When we’re in bed under the covers, our bodies aren’t exposed to the air in our home like they are during the day. Because of this, temperatures can be set anywhere from 5 to 8 degrees lower at night.

In addition to using less energy and saving money, you may also sleep better. Many people claim that sleeping with more covers in a cooler house promotes sounder sleep. For this to work, however, you do need a nice set of bed covers. Invest in these along with a new thermostat and you’re set!

Combine Forces with Your Fireplace

Today, many homes are equipped with gas fireplaces in the main living area. If you and your family spend a majority of your time in this room – especially in the evening (chatting, watching TV, playing with the dog, etc.) – it’s wise to consider turning your heat down.

Surprisingly, gas fireplaces give off a substantial amount of heat. If your fireplace is by a sitting area where you and your family often relax, set the thermostat to a lower temperature when you’re relaxing here. Although small, it’s still a means of conserving energy and saving money.

Combine these energy-saving tips this winter with professional heating maintenance and your energy costs will be lower than the year before.