Spring Cleaning Checklist

Posted On: March 21, 2018

Feel that? There’s still a chill in the air, but spring is most certainly on its way! After a long winter like this past one, we’re certainly glad to see things warm up a bit. But before you start celebrating, and especially before you turn on your air conditioner when it gets a bit too warm, there are some things that need doing.

Do you have your annual spring cleaning checklist handy? Don’t worry if you don’t, because the specialists at Mountain Air Conditioning & Heating have taken the liberty of drafting one up for you!

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Spring Cleaning for Better Air Conditioner Performance

We’ll leave the odds and ends to your reference, but when it comes to air conditioning systems we’re the authority you can trust. Proper service and preliminary cleaning can save you a whole lot. That is, save you money (on energy costs), save you time, and can even save you the stress of a mid-season AC breakdown.

Start off the year right by:

  • Changing your air filter. A fresh filter can provide surprisingly huge benefits. Not only will a clean filter help preserve the air quality in your home, it will also ensure your system maintains healthy air flow, which is the number one secret to cost-efficient operation and higher overall comfort.
  • Consider upgrading your air filter. While we’re on the subject, you may want to think about the benefits of upgrading to a higher-tier filter. Stronger filters that use higher quality materials can filter out more gunk and mess than standard fiberglass filters, and they last much longer as well.
  • Inspecting the outdoor unit. Check over the outdoor unit, and in particular look for any signs of damage to the fins. If these are bent or clogged it can lead to poor thermal exchange, choking your air conditioner and potentially causing a freeze or breakdown.
  • Dusting and mopping. You’ll probably be already doing this, but be sure to pay particular attention to the area around your indoor HVAC systems. Clearing away dust now can prevent flammable dust from caking up, and keeps it out of the unit.
  • Checking your condensate line. A professional tune-up service will handle this more thoroughly, but it’s a good habit to start checking your condensate line on a regular basis. Check for clods of gunk or mold in the hose line, and if easy to remove, be sure you do so.
  • Giving your system a good looking over. Nothing fancy—just a little walk around. The goal here is to watch out for poor connections, any denting or scratching, or any other signs of outward damage. If you spot any, be sure to mention them to your HVAC service provider when they come to perform a tune-up.

Don’t Forget to Schedule Your Annual Air Conditioner Tune-Up in Ogden!

With the turning of the season you’ll soon be counting on your air conditioner for quite a few months. Give it the best chance of performing optimally by scheduling a routine professional service! With an experts tools and knowledge on your side you can reduce the risks of a breakdown, improve the efficiency of your system, and you’ll even add years of life to the unit itself.

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