Utah State Rebate Funds Now Down To 4%-york Rebate Ends Monday, Nov. 15th.

Posted On: November 11, 2010

GOING, GOING, GONE! The Utah state rebate fund is almost gone! It has shrunk from over 2 million dollars in May to just $82,755 as of Thursday, Nov. 11th. http://www.cashforappliancesutah.com/

If you’re replacing your furnace this year, act fast and you may still be able to take advantage of an extra $300 rebate from the state of Utah. That’s on top of the up to $1,500 federal tax rebate. Plus, York’s rebate of up to $1,200 ends Nov. 15th. If you need a new furnace, it will save you big money to act now! Call us and we’ll tell you how much you’ll save in rebates, but it all ends soon, so hurry. Call (801) 416-2215(801) 416-2215.