What Is a Variable Speed Furnace?

Posted On: December 17, 2015

One of the most exciting new technologies to be introduced into the HVAC industry in the last decade is the variable speed furnace. In fact, this very versatile and highly affordable appliance is redefining the market for home and business owners alike. Keep reading to learn why!

Increased Heating Efficiency!

In the past, when the thermostat demanded more heat, a traditional single-stage furnace would kick on and deliver heat at its maximum capacity whether the situation demanded it or not. It was like frying an egg on a stove burner with the heat turned all the way up. It can certainly be done, but it is a relatively inefficient process. Single-stage furnaces had their place in the past, but newer technology has made them outdated.

Two-stage furnaces, on the other hand, handle the heating demands on their system a little differently. In particular, these systems operate in two distinct settings. For 80 percent or more of the time, this HVAC system operates on a lower setting thus saving on fuel and utility costs. When an additional demand for heat is required, such as during severe drops in temperature, the furnace will then switch to a higher setting to provide additional heating power and energy efficiency.

More Versatility!

Variable speed furnaces are the best in heating technology available today. They incorporate the very best of the mechanical features of single and two-stage furnaces but add another layer of functionality as well. For example, a variable speed furnace encompasses better fuel and electrical efficiency, enhanced heating consistency, and noise reduction plus cleaner air. In short, variable speed furnace combines the very best elements of digital technological advances with the tried and true mechanical components that have heated and cooled homes for the past century.

Save More Money!

A furnace that doesn’t run at full capacity when it is not needed will use less fuel over time. This fact means that the homeowner will save on utility costs every month over the life of the furnace. Similarly, since the unit does not run at full capacity as often as a traditional furnace, it will see a significant reduction in maintenance costs. In short, a variable speed furnace is far more affordable over the long run than a traditional single-speed furnace.

Even More Improvements!

Two more advantages of a variable speed furnace are a result of how the blower works. Since a variable speed furnace starts slowly and then increases its output gradually, they generally create less noise. Also, the blower continues to circulate air even when there isn’t a demand for heat. This means that the air in your Utah home is continually being passed through the filtration system providing you with cleaner air!

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