What Does it Mean to Be NATE Certified?

Posted On: March 7, 2016

As you browse HVAC companies in Ogden, you may come across the term “NATE” and NATE certified. What does this mean, and why should you focus on finding a company with this certification? Read below to find out!

NATE: North American Technician Excellence

NATE is the country’s largest third-party non-profit certification organization for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technicians. Not only are technicians trained, but they’re also tested to ensure a working knowledge of heating and cooling systems. Once a technician earns their NATE certification, they’re able to consistently provide the best service possible.

You know you can always trust NATE-certified technicians because they’re required to participate in continuing education and recertification training to stay up-to-date on the latest codes, new energy efficiency requirements and other industry changes. The knowledge of a NATE-certified technician is never out of date thanks to these strict recertification rules. In fact, industry professionals constantly reevaluate the NATE program to make the testing process as effective and accurate as possible.

Benefits of Hiring NATE-Certified Technicians

By choosing a NATE-certified technician, you enjoy many benefits including:

  • Greater equipment efficiency: Proper installation and tune-ups performed by a true professional prevent energy waste and reduce your utility bills.
  • Superior home comfort: A properly maintained system keeps you comfortable even when heating and cooling demand increases.
  • Prolonged system life: Seeking proper maintenance and repairs performed by a qualified professional helps your HVAC system last longer.
  • Better indoor air quality: With a thorough equipment inspection and the right filter replacement, you can expect cleaner, healthier indoor air.
  • Quiet operation: High-performance equipment operates more quietly, making you forget it’s even running.
  • Professional advice: Get tips on changing your air filter or ideas for running your equipment more efficiently during tune-ups from a NATE-certified technician.
  • Fewer callbacks and repairs in the future: When a technician gets the job done right the first time around, you save time, money and hassle by reducing the need for callbacks and future repairs.
  • Peace of mind: You know your HVAC equipment is properly cared for when you leave the installation, maintenance and repairs in the hands of a qualified, NATE-certified technician.

With all these reasons to seek out NATE certification, look no further than Mountain Air Conditioning & Heating. All of our technicians are NATE certified for HVAC services. Contact Mountain Air online or give us a call to schedule heating and cooling services with a true professional.