Why Saying It’s Our First Anniversary Sounds Strange to Us.

Posted On: November 3, 2009

Mountain Air Conditioning and Heating is celebrating our first anniversary. I have to admit, though, it sounds strange to say “first anniversary”. After having been in the heating and cooling industry for over 20 years, “first anniversary” sounds so wrong. Twenty-first seems more fitting. Let me explain.

A brief history is in order here. My husband, Vance, and I have spent almost our entire lives in this business. In fact, I used to drive the Barlow Heating and Cooling truck to high school. My dad, Roger Barlow, established Barlow Company. Vance joined the company in 1980 and in 1993, Vance and I bought the company from my dad. In 1998, we sold Barlow to Lennox industries who later acquired Service Experts so we became Barlow Service Experts. Vance was the general manager until fall of 2008.

The problem was, the business was slowly being taken over by corporate culture. Vance and I really didn’t like that style of doing business. We were used to a personal touch and it just really rubbed us the wrong way. So we decided to start our own heating and cooling company so we would be able to do things our way – what we were taught our whole lives was the right way.

So, Mountain Air Conditioning and Heating was born. And here we are at our first anniversary. We plan to continue to do things our way – by putting our employees and customers first. We hope as more people hear about us and word gets around, our business will grow. And if our first year is any indication, we’ll be here for years to come. Stop in and wish us a happy anniversary if you’re in the area. We’re in Roy, Utah at 1805 W. Riverdale Rd. We’d love to see you!