Is It Worth It to Repair My Old Furnace?

Posted On: November 6, 2015

Making sure your furnace is in excellent working order ensures your winter comfort. The last thing you want in the middle of a bone-chillingly cold Utah night is a furnace that won’t provide heat. Costly repairs can add up and you may wonder if repairs are even worth it.

Many times, a quick tune-up and some minor repairs can keep your home heating system in good working order for years to come. However, there are instances when costly repairs are not as beneficial as installing a new furnace—especially if your current home heating system is over 15 years old.

Signs You May Benefit From a New Furnace

  • Energy Bills – When energy costs climb significantly during winter months, it’s a sign your furnace is working harder to maintain a warm environment. If your furnace is older, consider investing in a new, more efficient system. Your new furnace will begin paying for itself immediately in reduced energy costs, up to 20% for many homeowners.
  • Costly Repairs – Frequent repairs can add up fast, putting a huge dent in your budget. When repair costs begin to skyrocket, consider a new furnace. Not only will you experience fewer service calls and significantly lower heating costs, but you’ll have peace of mind.
  • Maintenance – If you’ve been lax in scheduling regular maintenance, your system may be in need of extensive furnace repairs. It’s best to weigh the cost of repairs against the cost and savings of a new furnace. Sign up for a maintenance plan from the beginning and extend the life of your new furnace by years.
  • Efficiency – Is your furnace coming on with greater frequency, in an attempt to maintain a reasonable temperature in your home? Your system’s components could be wearing out. Repairs may make a difference, or it might be time to consider replacing your furnace. Contact the experts at Mountain Air for a furnace inspection and tune-up.

Furnace Repair & Replacement in Utah

The only way to be sure your furnace is in good working order is by scheduling a professional inspection with Mountain Air Conditioning & Heating. Our experts can determine how much life is left in your old furnace and help you determine how old your furnace is—many homeowners are never actually sure! Should you need repairs, Mountain Air provides a no-obligation estimate. Our focus is on providing you with the best possible solution for keeping your family warm and comfortable all winter long.

A new furnace may not always be the solution, but why risk your family’s comfort and continue to throw good money after continuous furnace repairs? Contact Mountain Air Conditioning & Heating today for a furnace inspection. Don’t be left out in the cold.