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Ductless Air Conditioners

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Have you been suffering through summers without air conditioning? Or are you tired of not being able to get fresh air because your bedroom window is taken over by a window AC unit? We understand that not every home is ideally equipped for central air services. Installing all the ductwork in smaller or older homes can be extremely costly, time-consuming, and usually takes up needed square footage. The experts at Mountain Air recommend ductless air conditioner units to provide cooling in diverse environments.

Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioners

When you have a smaller home or an older home that is not suitable for ductwork, you can take advantage of ductless AC. There are a variety of benefits to installing a ductless air conditioner including, but not limited to:

  • Energy savings: You’ll actually save energy with a ductless AC system because ductless units are installed where you need them, thereby eliminating cooling lost throughout the ducts. Ductless air conditioners can be up to 30 perfect more efficient than central air conditioners.
  • Flexibility: A ductless AC system allows you greater flexibility in cooling your home. You can place the unit exactly where it is needed and then control the temperature for that specific space. If you don’t use certain rooms or areas of your home—like a basement—there is no energy wasted on cooling those rooms. If you prefer the bedroom cooler than the living room, you can easily adjust the temperature setting without affecting your entire home.
  • Noise reduction: Ductless systems are much quieter than forced-air systems because the cool air doesn’t travel throughout the house. A ductless unit provides cooling that is nearly soundless.

Air Conditioning Services in Ogden, Utah

At Mountain Air, we are happy to provide our customers with all of their air conditioning needs, from purchasing a ductless AC unit to maintaining it for years to come. Our professional staff will support you each step of the way.

  • Install: Mountain Air sells quality, energy-efficient products that we can stand behind. Once you’ve selected the type of ductless AC unit you prefer, Mountain Air will install it properly.
  • Maintain: Heating and cooling systems require proper yearly maintenance in order to work most efficiently and to prevent future breakdowns. Mountain Air provides the necessary yearly AC maintenance to ensure your ductless system operates at full efficiency.
  • Repair: Mountain Air understands the importance of timely repair service. We offer 24-hour repair service every day of the year. This guarantee assures you that your comfort is our priority.

Stop suffering from an uncomfortable home. It doesn’t matter if your home is too small or too old for central air. Mountain Air will provide you with a ductless system that meets all of your needs. Mountain Air is a family-owned business, evolving and serving northern Utah since the 1950s. We pride ourselves on being local and community oriented. Our goal is to always provide the very best in customer service, quality workmanship, and personal commitments to our valued customers.

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