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Furnace vs. Fireplace vs. Space Heater: Which Is Best for Me?

Nestled between our beloved Wasatch and Oquirrh mountain crests, your Utah home is important to you. And during the winter, our mountain town can get downright frigid. You may be thinking to yourself lately about the best ways to keep your home warm and comfortable as ski season approaches. Or, maybe you’ve been eyeing that fireplace in the corner of your living room that hasn’t been used for like, ever. As inviting and cozy a crackling fire can be, how optimal it is for heating an entire home depends on a lot of factors. Keep on reading Mountain Air’s blog post to learn all about when a furnace, fireplace, or a space heater should be used to heat your home. And if you think you’ve found the heating system that’s best for you, give your local HVAC company a call and we’ll help you right away!

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When Should I Use a Furnace in My Home?

Wondering about a furnace vs. fireplace vs. space heater? Generally, furnaces are the best option when you live in an exceptionally cold climate. And with our Ogden area winters averaging in the low 20s, we fit into this category! A furnace does not depend on any outdoor apparatus to convert outside air into warm air, which is perfect when all the air outside is simply frigid! Not to mention, gas furnaces are high-efficiency heating systems and are perfect for our Utah location. Furnaces are also able to last up to 20 years or more – with proper maintenance, of course. And if you’re worried about a furnace not conjuring that warm, cozy, toasty feeling that fireplaces so easily produce, you’re in luck. Compared to a heat pump or a space heater, heat from a furnace is quite comfortable and hot when it’s pumping throughout your home.

All in all, a furnace is a central heating system and is robust enough to heat an entire home. It works by burning fuel and distributing it throughout multiple rooms, therefore making it an excellent choice for homeowners with more space to heat and a desire for an energy-efficient system!

Keep in mind that furnaces also run via oil and electricity, but the ones most commonly found in our part of Utah run on gas. Furnaces are overwhelmingly the most popular heating choice for our Utah customers. At Mountain Air, getting you the best system for your home is our utmost priority. We understand our local community and can help you get the highly efficient furnace you need!

When Should I Use a Fireplace to Heat My Home?

We all love the dancing flames of a fire on a cold night. There’s nothing like getting off I-15 and curling up on the couch by the fire after a long day. While there are a few caveats to using a fireplace to heat your home, it certainly can still be done. One thing to know is that it’s impossible for a fireplace to heat your entire home at one time. It might sound obvious, but the room with the fireplace in it is going to exceptionally warmer than the other areas of the house.

However, the fireplace takes on a whole new role when it comes to “zone heating.” Zone heating is simply heating specific points of your home at a time. This is great when you’re trying to save money on your heating bill, because you’re not wasting any money heating rooms you’re not even spending time in! A fireplace is a pretty great place to curl up and celebrate spending significantly less on your energy bill.

There are two types of gas fireplaces you can choose from: vented and unvented. Vented gas fireplaces are incredibly energy-efficient and are even remote controllable! On the flip side, an unvented system will return the heat it generates back into your home, rather than up the chimney and outside. This, of course, raises some air-quality concerns, which is why these types of fireplaces almost always come with monitor systems as well.

When Should I Use a Space Heater in My Home?

Space heaters are pretty self-explanatory when you think about their name – they’re small machines that heat in and around the room where they’re placed. If you’ve run into the issue where central heating is just too expensive and you only really need a few locations in your home heated at a time – or if you or someone in your home is incredibly sensitive to cold – a space heater would be a great option to help keep their personal spaces warm without overheating the rest of the home. Space heaters also work well in dorm rooms, in case you’re a bit cold down in BYU or U of U. But be sure to always check your dorm’s regulations before buying a space heater, as some do not allow them!

Something very important to consider when it comes to space heaters is safety. While highly convenient, space heaters can start fires if not monitored or cared for correctly. However, with the help of Mountain Air, we can help you take advantage of the convenience of a space heater while also making sure you, your loved ones, and the rest of our Weber, Davis, and Morgan County community is kept safe and sound.

Professional Heating Company for Your Furnace, Fireplace, or Space Heater Needs in Ogden, Bountiful, Centerville & Surrounding Areas

At Mountain Air, we understand how much your home heating system can affect you and your loved ones’ quality of life. This is why we professionally recommend installing a furnace in your Utah home, as it is the system that will keep your home the most comfortable while not hiking up your energy bills. While we don’t provide fireplace installation or sell space heaters, we still want to help you make the choice that is best for your home and provide the highest-quality service we can.

We try to be as easy to work with as possible, by texting or calling you letting know our technicians are about to arrive at your home. We also strive to create an environment where you can sit back and relax while we perform your needed services. Mountain Air is a group of exceptional, passionate people who believe that our work is who we are. We team with the best manufacturers to get you the systems that will work the best in your home. Our Weber, Davis, and Morgan County community is important to us, and while we try and give back in endless ways, we also want to give back by assisting you with your heating needs. Get in touch with Mountain Air today!

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