High-Efficiency Filters

Health experts estimate that 35 million Americans suffer from upper respiratory tract symptoms caused by allergic reactions to airborne allergens. At Mountain Air Conditioning & Heating, part of our mission is to improve indoor air quality in your home with high-efficiency filters.

After looking at your existing comfort system and considering air quality factors, we install air filters that promote easy breathing and healthy living. Customers on our biannual and annual maintenance plans know the importance of high-efficiency air filters and rely on the expertise of our NATE-certified technicians for quality air. Family on Sofa

Indoor Air Quality Control

When you request heating or air conditioning services in the Ogden, Utah, area, the professionals at Mountain Air will assess the quality of your air filter.

If it’s lacking, they’ll recommend an appropriate replacement and replace your filter on the spot. They’ll also inform you of the reasoning behind their recommendation and explain the benefits you’ll receive from a high-quality air filter.

Top Rated Air Filters

When choosing high-quality air filters for your home in the Ogden, Utah, area, it’s important to look at the MERV rating (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value). This indicates the strength of the air filter.

The MERV scale ranges from 1 to 16. Most homes use filters rated between 1 and 4. Most people find these filters acceptable, but they don’t trap all the air pollutants that enter your home.

Mountain Air recommends filters that are rated between 5 and 8. They provide superior indoor air quality at an affordable price.

Filters with higher MERV ratings are more commonly used in commercial settings but can be used if someone in your home suffers from dangerous allergies. Since these filters stop so much, they quickly fill up with dirt and need to be replaced more often.

Air Filters Are Key Components of Comfort Systems

Even though the air filter is the least expensive and most accessible part of any air conditioning and heating unit, it’s a key component of the entire system. It regulates air entering your system and is responsible for the quality of the air that comes out.

Using its modern weave and time-tested fibers, the air filter captures harmful elements like dust, pollen, bacteria, mold, and even viruses.

After we determine which filter is right for your system and home, you can switch out the air filters yourself. When you notice your filter is dirty, simply take it out, throw it away, and replace it with a new one.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, rest assured that the qualified, friendly Mountain Air team is here to do it for you. Plus, if you’re signed up for our SAVE plan, your filters are automatically replaced during your biannual or annual maintenance.

Mountain Air Replaces Air Filters and Much More

In addition to swapping out dirty filters with new, high-efficiency filters, Mountain Air specializes in furnace repair and air conditioning repair in the Ogden, Utah area.

We dedicate ourselves to providing cost-effective, customer-friendly solutions for every service we provide. With a competent comfort system and high-quality air filter to complement it, you’ll quickly fall in love with the benefits of supreme indoor air quality.

Contact us online or call (801) 416-2215(801) 416-2215 today to improve the air in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does changing the HVAC air filter improve performance?

Replacing your HVAC air filter will significantly improve performance and efficiency if it’s become dirty because the system needs to work harder to pull air through a filter thick with dirt and other debris.

If you’re using HEPA filters or other similarly dense filters for even cleaner air, it becomes even more important to you replace your filters regularly, as this type of filter can end up completely blocking intake when dirty — which will lead to little or no airflow, freezing evaporator coils on air conditioners, damage to internal components due to overheating, etc.

Regularly replacing your air filters should be a high priority for immediate comfort, air quality, and the reliability and long service life of your system.

How long do air filters last before they need to be replaced?

It’s generally recommended to replace your air filters monthly, but the truth is there are countless factors in the final determination. The higher the filtration rating of your air filter, the sooner it will become clogged because it catches more of the debris that attempts to pass through it.

There’s also the consideration that every house has different amounts of air pollution that a filter might catch; houses with pets, old homes with dust or mold problems, places with tons of pollen, and the like will naturally end up dirtying their filters sooner than other homes.

This assumes you have replaceable filters, of course, and not washable filters. It’s best to start based on manufacturer recommendations and adjust from there if you notice your filters are exceptionally dirty by the time you replace them.

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I first called Any Hour heating and plumbing and it felt like their primary goal was to sell me a new furnace. I did not like that. I was referred by a buddy in clinton to call Mountain Air. I called them this morning and they had a tech out 2 hours later. Loved that. Abel was honest and empathic to my situation but i loved the fact he was no nonsense. He talked to me like i was not a complete idiot which i always appreciate. He layed down the situation i was facing and made the solution seem effortless but within my budget. Based on the quote i got from Mountain Air compared to Any Hour's, the cost to fix parts was almost 40% cheaper. When it was found out that i did need a new furnace, an hour later Drew (very handsome btw) came over and listened to my needs and budget and got me setup for install 1 business day later. As Drew left my freezing home after i had already signed the contract, he offered to leave me 2 space heaters for my house until the install was done. What HVAC company sends their SALES people out with space heaters to offer???? Mountain Air does!!!Any Hour was very professional and did a good job while they were here.Mountain Air just raised the bar from a customer service prospective and more importantly from a cost prospective. If i can get better more personal service along with a better financial option i will never call another HVAC company again. MOUNTAIN AIR has a customer for life in me!!!!!SincerelyGregory from Roy Utah
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Our heater started short cycling. I submitted an online request in the middle of the night. The following morning, I received a text, phone call and email asking if we still needed assistance. The office gathered our addr and further info, advising a tech would respond before Noon. Later that day, the office sent a text advising Daniel was on his way and that he'd be calling. He called and gave us an accurate eta of his arrival. Daniel was kind, accurate, professional, and thorough in his work. Our entire experience was so very smooth, with excellent communication. I will most certainly recommend and use Mountain Air again. Thank you for keeping our family warm this winter!
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Absolutely the only place to get quality HVAC service! I've been doing contracting since 2007 and Mountain Air is your best option for your HVAC needs. There staff and products are the absolute best around! Being a contractor and knowing what I know, I wouldn't waste my time calling anyone else. They handle my commercial and residential projects.
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Mountain air is always professional, timely and courteous. The communications I receive are very helpful.
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Mountain Air was great, Chad was knowledgeable and friendly. It always nice when people enter your home with a smile and are willing to go the extra mile.
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