Ultraviolet Air Purifiers

Did you know that the air inside your home can actually contain a higher concentration of pollutants and allergens than the air outside? Mountain Air believes that improving indoor air quality is just as important as choosing the right heating and air conditioning system, which is why we sell and install Lennox and Guardian Air ultraviolet air cleaners and purifiers.

Benefits of Installing a UV Air Purifier

Most people lock up their windows in the summer and winter to save on heating and cooling costs. Unfortunately, this traps in harmful contaminants that can be detrimental to your health. Installing a UV air purifier can improve the air quality in your home by:

Eliminating harmful contaminants and pollutants. Bacteria and viruses thrive in your home, especially in the winter.

Ultraviolet purifiers kill germs in the air by using short, high-intensity bursts of electromagnetic radiation. Don’t worry this type of radiation is not harmful to you or your family.

Killing mold. Mold is a very common allergen, and mold spores travel through the air that circulates through the air ducts in your home. UV air purifiers can kill the mold spores, so they no longer linger in your home.

Relieving allergy symptoms. The UV air purifier will kill the allergy causing bacteria which will alleviate some of your allergy symptoms.

Cleaning and purifying the air in your entire home. High-efficiency air filters catch some allergens, but mold spores and bacteria can still spread throughout your home.

Guardian Air Scrubber and Lennox UV Lights

Mountain Air installs both Guardian and Lennox ultraviolet air purifiers. We stand behind the quality of both brands. The powerful ultraviolet rays eliminate biological contaminants like mold and bacteria. Not only do ultraviolet air purifiers improve your overall air quality, but they also protect your heating and cooling equipment.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

If you are looking to improve your indoor air quality, contact the experts at Mountain Air today. We will take the time to understand your concerns and recommend a quality air purifier that is right for your home and your budget. In addition to installing UV air cleaners, we also specialize in furnace repair and air conditioning repair in the Ogden, Utah area. We dedicate ourselves to providing cost-effective, customer friendly solutions for every service we provide. To improve the air quality in your home, call us today at (801) 416-2215(801) 416-2215!

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See What Our Customers Are Saying
Shout out to Chad(sales rep.), Scott and Rick(tech.).These guys are awesome! I have an old 73' home and had a very messy setup. These guys came in and really took care of me. I had them run a whole new trunk and duct line to separate out the basement from the upstairs to be on two separate systems. It was a task! Patching and running new lines to replace the old on the original trunk, than run a full new trunk with new lines for the basement. They did a killer job! This outfit is very tight and clean. Without me asking, they always cleaned up and ran the vacuum at the end of every days work. They always double checked with me to make sure where they were putting holes to run the new lines would be okay. They would always make clean cuts on the holes so if desired you could use the same piece to re patch the hole. If I ever had questions or needed something changed, they were on it and accommodating to my requests. If they said they will be there at this time and will be doing 'x' they were always on time and followed through. There prices are fair and there customer service rocks.I recommend these guys to anyone!
Nate Hirst
20:15 27 Feb 20
When we have an issue with one of our HVAC units, Mountain Air is typically at our office within a day or less from the time I call. No concern is too small or not worth their time. I highly recommend!
Thayne Smith
21:29 24 Feb 20
The best experience I've ever had with a company! My furnace went out...on the coldest day of the year of course, so I called Mountain Air. They were out to my house within the hour. Trevor did a diagnostic test and found a faulty fan motor. He also stated that he accidentally broke the igniter but that he would absorb the cost himself. His honesty was very impressive. I decided to just have a new furnace installed so Trevor left a space heater with me to get through the night and told me a salesman would be with me shortly. Chad was out in 30 minutes and coordinated the new purchase in a very simple, painless manner. He even added the discount that Trevor promised; not necessary in light of scrapping the old furnace, but a great show of customer goodwill! Very impressive. He also left a space heater. The very next day, two technicians installed the new system. Both of them very helpful and professional (Tony and Mac/Matt?). Upon completion, they noted some concerns they had with the new system and a question I had about the noise. The next day another technician arrived (Chris), fixed all the issues and cut the noise down dramatically. What an amazing experience! Great communication amongst all departments in meeting my needs. They have a customer for life in me and I'll recommend them to everyone I know who needs help in heating and air conditioning.
Gary Cole copetiger98@comcast.net
21:41 21 Feb 20
Last night I arrived home from a business trip and my daughter is getting married tomorrow. In the middle of the night, my furnace quit working. I messed around with it for a couple of hours and realized I needed to call in the professionals. I called at around 7:45am they were at my house by 8:30 and left my home with repairs done and area vacuumed by 10:15 this included them running to get a Hepa filter that they didn't have in stock to make sure my system was operating efficiently. Every person I spoke with had a sense of urgency and a high level of professionalism. The last thing I needed was to deal with furnace issues while my family was here for the wedding. Daniel did a fantastic job, took the time to explain everything to me, then let me do my work while he did his. Great company, great serviceman. Thank you everyone that made this happen.Corey
Corey Schultz
17:21 21 Feb 20
Mountain Air has been here numerous times for my worn-out furnace and now I'm finally getting a new one. The technicians continue to be very informative and friendly.
Terri Montoya
18:17 20 Feb 20