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Oftentimes, it can be difficult to heat or cool your Ogden, Utah home evenly. Whether you have a two story home where there are two polar opposite temperatures on each floor or you experience hot and cold spots from room to room, you may want to consider electronic zoning.

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Why Does My House Heat or Cool Unevenly?

Hot and cold spots are due to differences in room location and size, the direction the windows and house face, insulation and window quality, and many other factors. Zoning gives you the control to heat or cool the rooms of your choice. If you already have a zoning system, contact a technician at Mountain Air. It may be time for a furnace tune-up or your furnace may need to be repaired.

How Does an HVAC Zoning System Work?

Imagine all of the lights in your home were on one switch. You’d waste a lot of money having every single light on in your house, all the time. Well, that is exactly how an HVAC system works. With a central heating and cooling system you have to pump air through your entire home, all the time, no matter if someone is using that room or not. With a zoning system, you can create different zones in your home and choose to heat and cool them differently.

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Benefits of Electronic Zoning in Utah

There are many benefits to installing an electronic zoning system in your home. These benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Comfort – You can adjust the temperature and airflow requirements of one area without affecting other areas, creating the perfect, comfortable temperature.
  • Efficiency – A good zoning system can save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs per year.
  • Control – You have complete control to divide your home into various areas with adjustable comfort levels.
  • Quiet Performance – Your air conditioner and heater will perform without continually operating at peak capacity and therefore, generate less noise at lower speeds.

Zoning System, Ogden, Utah

Should I Install a Zoning System in My Home?

Electronic zoning allows you to control the air flow in your home so it goes exactly where you need it. Each zone is set up with its own thermostat, and electronic dampers are installed in your ductwork. When the specific “zone” needs heat or air conditioning, the electronic damper opens automatically to send air exactly where you need it (with no extra work on your part). Zoning can also help you save money, as opposed to heating the entire house on a cold winter night, you can simply heat the rooms that are in use. With zoning, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort in order to save energy. You can enjoy perfect comfort wherever you are, while saving energy by restricting airflow to areas not in use.

So, should you install an electronic zoning system in your Utah home? Yes! With a new HVAC zoning system, you can choose which areas of your home you heat and cool. It is so much more efficient than heating your entire home with a central heating and air conditioning system.

If your home is larger, more heat or cold air has to be distributed to provide even comfort in your home. With a zoning system, you can separately set the thermostat in each room. You could have it a toasty 75 degrees in your living room and a mild 65 degrees in your bedroom. The choice is yours to make!

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