Why Are My Rooms Heating Unevenly?

Posted On: November 15, 2017

Uneven heating is one of those problems that can be particularly obnoxious. A breakdown is really bad, but at least the cause is often evident. Uneven heating, on the other hand, can be a real nightmare to try to suss out on your own, which is why the team at Mountain Air Conditioning & Heating is here today to help! Follow along and we’ll help you get things back to that nice, even heat you love.

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It’s Nearly Always Airflow

The huge majority of times we are contacted by someone saying “why is my furnace heating unevenly?” the answer will lie in an airflow issue. Now, that sounds like it narrows things down a bit. But it’s really only a bit. Most of your system deals with airflow, so the actual cause can be any one of many. However you might be pleased to find that some of the solutions don’t even require a furnace repair expert! Check these:

  • Blocked vents. Check all of your vents around the home to be sure no furniture, carpet, cloth, or clods of dust are clogging them.
  • Closed vents. We know that closing your vents is a common way folks try to save on energy use, but it’s a myth! Closing them actually alters the air pressure in your home and makes the unit work harder (use more energy), and it can also cause uneven heating.
  • Closed doors. Same as above, closing off areas of the home, specifically rooms with return vents, can cause a lot of pressure and heating evenness issues.
  • Dirty air filters. You should be changing your air filter every two months at a minimum—even more in a busy home. You can prevent this issue somewhat by upgrading to a high-efficiency filter, so be sure to check those out!
  • Fan settings. Setting the fan settings on your thermostat from “auto” to “on” can help to more evenly distribute heat throughout your home. It’s particularly useful if you like in a two or three floor home, as it mitigates stratification somewhat.

Those all number among the most common causes, and luckily they’re all pretty doable as a homeowner. But if none of those were your cause, then unfortunately you’re probably going to need to call a furnace specialist. The remaining possibilities include:

  • Duct issues. Leaky or dirty air ducts can cause uneven heating. The problem is also often paired with higher than usual heating bills and drafts in the home.
  • An under (or over) sized unit. A too-small unit just can’t keep up, and one too large can cause the unit to short-cycle, meaning it never really pumps out enough heat before shutting itself off.
  • Blower motor problems. Blower motor damage means little heat is getting moved into your home. This issue is usually less of an “uneven heating” thing and more of a “no heating” one, but it’s along the same lines as the rest.

Furnace Repair in Ogden, Utah

Don’t spend time stressing out about your home heating this winter! Just give the experts at Mountain Air Conditioning & Heating a call and we’ll be on the way to set things right. Contact us online to find answers to any of your heating questions, and be sure to keep an eye on our blog for more tricks, tips, and easy troubleshoots!