Homeowners in Utah: Boost Your Home’s MPG – Get Expensive Equipment for Less!

Posted On: May 16, 2014

Announcing: Utah HVAC Rebates For You!

Energy-efficient heating and air conditioning equipment costs more money – and not just because, but for good reason.

The reason the latest HVAC equipment costs more is because the technology, efficiency ratings, and long-term savings are superior to their “gas guzzling” predecessors.

But just because this new equipment is initially more expensive doesn’t mean you can’t end up getting it for around the same price as outdated equipment.

Utah HVAC Rebate - Save $1600 on Lennox HVAC System in Utah
You can get up to $1,500 back in rebates when you buy any energy-efficient HVAC equipment by Lennox®.

Get the perfect deal on perfect air for your home when you upgrade to energy-efficient equipment by Lennox®.

This upgrade equates to long-term savings that will last the life of your new equipment and put money in your pocket that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

An Example of How the Rebates Save You Money

Say you need new HVAC equipment and you’re trying to decide between a cheaper piece of equipment that’s less efficient and a more expensive piece of equipment that’s more efficient. The cost of the former is $1,000 and the cost of the latter is $3,000 (the kind you can get the rebates for).

The reason the latter is better – now more than ever! –is because you’re getting better equipment for about the same price as outdated equipment.

The rebates make this possible.

And in addition to spending less money on better equipment, you also spend less money on energy – way less! – to heat and cool your home.

These energy savings alone can accumulate to thousands of dollars annually.

So while it may be slightly cheaper in the short-term to buy outdated HVAC equipment, it is definitely not in the long-term. And when we say, “long-term,” we’re referring to just months down the road. Not years or decades.

The Opportunity is Finally Here. Take It!

Tired of wanting energy-efficient HVAC equipment but not being able to afford it?

Tired of spending hundreds upon hundreds of dollars a month on energy bills when you know there’s equipment out there that could slash your bills in half?

Get your equipment, get your rebates, and start living comfortably for less.

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