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Big Announcement! Mountain Air and Master Electrical Joined Forces! Contact Us For Exceptional HVAC, Electrical, Water Quality, and Plumbing Service.

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Why Is My Furnace Leaking Water?

Winter weather has arrived, and with it comes decreased temperatures and an increased reliance on heating systems throughout the region. If you’ve turned on the furnace and all seems to be well—only to find that water is collecting around it when you check on it later. If you’ve been wondering whether or not your furnace is leaking, and what you should do about it if it is, here’s what the team at Mountain Air Conditioning & Heating wants you to know.

Common Causes for Water From a Furnace

Water from a furnace is typically not an emergency, though you do need to find the cause. Here are some common causes.

1. Clogged Drain

Inside your furnace, an internal drain helps condensation and other fluids flow away from the unit. The air conditioning system shares this drain. If it becomes plugged or clogged, the water will flow into the furnace and leak onto the floor. Clearing the drain will fix this problem.

2. Condensation

Increased efficiency in modern furnace models has led to an increased risk for condensation. This occurs when the heating system pumps cool exhaust away from the furnace. Condensation collects at the base of the furnace. If your furnace is a high efficiency model, this may be the only reason you see water, meaning you may not even have a leak at all.

3. Leaks From the Humidifier

If your furnace has a humidifier, it could be the cause of the excess water. Humidifiers use water from your tap to add moisture back into the air of your home, preventing some of the drying effects of running your furnace. If the humidifier has a clog or crack, you may see water pooling near your furnace. If you have a humidifier, check this first before checking other potential problems with the furnace. More likely than not, the humidifier is the problem.

4. Pipes Leaking Near the Furnace

The furnace doesn’t have much water, and sometimes pipes nearby are the source of what looks like a leak. Before you panic and assume the problem is, in fact, the furnace, check all of the pipes nearby for leaks, clogs, and problems. Also, check the floor drain, which can back up if there is a clogged plumbing pipe nearby.

5. Heat Exchanger Problem

If the above reasons are not the cause of your leak, then it could be the secondary heat exchanger. This is a costly repair, and needs to be diagnosed by a HVAC profession. If you’ve explored all other potential problems, and come up empty, then give Mountain Air Conditioning & Heating a call to inspect the furnace further.

Consider Preventative Maintenance to Avoid Problems

Sometimes, leaks and other furnace problems can be avoided altogether with a call to your HVAC team at Mountain Air at the start of the heating season. Let our team provide a full maintenance check to rule out any potential problems before they start. If you have a leak you need help diagnosing, we can help with this as well. Fill out a contact form today or call (801) 773-7171(801) 773-7171 to speak with our experts!

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