Bad Air…You Don’t Have to Breathe it.

Posted On: January 14, 2011

Here in the Ogden area we deal with some of the worst air in the country. Because we are located near the mountains, air currents behave differently. We experience inversions. A rising body of air typically loses heat. Because of this heat loss the air becomes denser than the air underneath it, which is still rising. Since it cannot descend through the rising air, it moves to one side. At some distance, its downward force overcomes the rising force beneath it, and the air begins to descend. As it descends, it warms again and the cycle repeats itself. Air that rises in most areas dissipates, but our air can’t rise high enough to clear the mountains and gets trapped over our area.

This time of year especially, when the air is cold and dry, we suffer through a horrible 4-6 week period of inversions. The air becomes stiller, and murkier as dust and pollutants are no longer lifted from the surface and collect around us making the air we must breathe unhealthy. If you don’t think this is a health issue, read about the Great Smog of 1952 in London that was responsible for thousands of deaths.

That being said, what can you do to keep the air you breathe healthier? There are three ways Mountain Air can help you. One, we can install an air filtration system. Installing air filters will remove tiny particulates from the air. Why breathe these into your lungs when you can keep them out? To learn more about filters.

Another tool in the fight against bad air is UV germicidal lamps. Installed in your heating and cooling system, it will silently work 24-7 to destroy airborne microorganisms circulating through your HVAC system. The powerful UV kills mold and other bio-growth on interior air duct/supply surfaces, reducing mold spores by the millions! It will even reduce household odors. And the UV light costs no more to operate than energy-saving fluorescent light bulbs. To learn more about UV germicidal lamps, click here.

Lastly, because our air is so dry, you might consider installing a whole-house humidifier. Humidifiers will add moisture back into your home and reduce dry skin, static shock, nose bleeds, chapped lips and more. It will even benefit your furniture by keeping the wood from drying and splitting. To learn more about whole house humidifiers, click here.

The bottom line is even though we live in an area that has bad air, you don’t have to breathe it in your own home. Call Mountain Air today so we can help you breathe cleaner air! (801) 416-2215(801) 416-2215.