What to Do Before Turning on Your Furnace for the First Time This Year

Posted On: October 11, 2017

The ghost of summer 2017 is briskly fading away, and in its place we’re already getting that characteristic Ogden fall chill! Many of us have already given in to the warm glow of a furnace, and many more still will be doing the same in the coming weeks. Is your furnace ready to stave off the chill, and more importantly, ready to handle the coming winter? Maybe so, maybe not, but either way these tips can help you minimize costs and maximize your comfort this year.

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How to Get Your Furnace Ready

Don’t worry, there are no big investments or snake oil tips in here; this is all good old-fashioned preparation and prevention. Before you kick your system on (or before the winter starts coming on in earnest) do these:

  • Replace your air filter. If you’re familiar with the Mountain Air blog then you’ll know we beat this point into the ground. But that’s not for nothing! It’s worth beating into the ground because adding high-efficiency filters is easy, inexpensive, and provides your system with a boatload of benefits. You’ll get better air flow and heating, better air quality, and you’ll protect the system from an untimely breakdown.
  • Clean away the dust. Be sure to dust off the unit itself and the surrounding areas. This keeps dust from getting into the furnace’s workings, which is nice, but more importantly it removes a very common fire hazard.
  • Clean and clear vents. Now is a great time to open up your home vents and clean them off. Dust them and use a light soap if needed. This will help keep allergies to a minimum and help promote good air movement.
  • Inspect and test your pilot. If you rely on a gas furnace or heating system you’ll probably need to relight the pilot. When you do inspect the flame to ensure it’s color is right (blue is right, orange or red means bad) and that the flame is steady. If the color’s off or the flame flickers you might need to call in an expert for furnace repair or maintenance.

What to Ask The Experts For

So with your own tasks out of the way, it’s time to call in the professionals for some more in-depth efforts. Scheduling a routine maintenance visit before the winter strikes is hands-down the best way to improve the health of your furnace, reduce the risks of a breakdown to an absolute minimum, and will go a long way in keeping those high Utah heating costs down.

Not familiar with a maintenance or tune-up service? It’s simple! Our experts (or the experts of your choosing) will show up equipped with tools designed to clean your system thoroughly, calibrate the electrical systems, and optimize your system for better energy-efficiency. It’s a great, low-cost all in one service that protects you and your furnace form problems down the line!

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