How to Increase Your Home’s Efficiency with Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Posted On: October 25, 2017

As a homeowner one of your biggest goals is to get as much comfort as possible, and to mitigate costs as much as you can at the same time. To get this we often look to things like high-efficiency appliances, HVAC maintenance, and similar things. But there’s another solution cropping up in recent years, and due to some tech advancements it’s quite an interesting one. Did you know air quality products can also give your home an efficiency boost? It’s true, and the experts at Mountain Air Conditioning & Heating are here to tell you why.

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The Goals of Air Quality Systems

You install air quality systems to mitigate common home problems. It turns out according to popular studies that the air in our homes is many times more dense with pollutants than outdoor air. It’s all the same stuff overall, but when it gets into your house there’s nowhere for it to go, so it just sticks around and piles up.

To combat this you look to modern air quality tools. These can include high-efficiency air filters to mitigate particles and mess and to stop common allergy troubles. You choose humidifiers to keep the relative humidity in your home within healthy ranges that promote nasal, skin, and overall home health. And you might look to purifiers to a little bit more all around.

How Air Quality Solutions Impact Energy-Efficiency

You mainly think of them as comfort systems, of course. Reduce allergens, clean up dusty air, control humidity levels—all things that play a role in adding comfort. But it just so pleasantly happens that these goals also impact furnace and home efficiency. Here’s how:

  • How humidifiers help efficiency. You probably find that the drier, more crisp air of winter can be very chilly, and that’s quite normal. The fact is that dry air holds temperatures less effectively, while air in ideal humidity ranges can make air feel much warmer and more comfortable. Because of this when you have a humidifier in your home you can feel much more cozy overall, which can help you cut down your system by a point or two at the thermostat. Additionally moistened air holds and moves less dust and dander, keeping these things out of your furnace system.
  • The ways a high-quality air filter can help. The way a high-efficiency air filter can help is far more direct. That’s because they promote healthy air flow, which your system depends upon in order to operate efficiently. When a good, reliable filter is in place it keeps allergens out of the air, and also improves air flow to the point of improving the effectiveness of your furnace or heat pump. This means the system needs less energy to get its job done, and thus, saves you money.

Air Quality & Energy-Efficiency Services in Ogden & Hooper, Utah

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